Frequent asked questions about 3D printing:

There are many variables involved. We will expound on this further in this section.

If you have a ready, existing file for us to print, we will work out the material cost and duration required for the print job. Following which, an official quote will be sent to you, stating the cost and the projected delivery date. Should the file be deemed as unsuitable to be sent for printing (eg, the design not being watertight), then it will have to go through a ‘repairing’ process. 

If you do not have a 3D model file, we will have to build the 3D model from scratch based on an understanding of your requirements and needs. Effort needed to work on the model will be calculated into the total cost.

Our 3D prints are all done in single color. Should you require further refinement in terms of finishing, post-process options are available. Again, we need to understand your requirements before a quote can be offered.

We’re not quite ready to print an actual building or car yet, but we are capable of churning out prints that are larger than our print bed size, through the use of cleverly-planned assembly. Our current capability for one single continuous print is 2400 mm. We are continuously increasing our print size.

Give us a call to check the latest maximum print size available.

  1. STL (.stl)
  2. OBJ (.obj) with MTL is colour is needed.
  3. IGS
  4. STP (This format is needed if you require CNC production.)

Yes, there are many free open source software. See our section on Software for 3D modelling.

Of course you can invest in a cheap desktop 3D printer. However, you must also manage your expectations about your own printout quality. Calibration and fine tuning must be perform every now and then before you can get some reasonable printout. The next thing you would have to consider is your printing frequency. Once you open your spool of filament, they will be exposed to our high humidity and render your filament useless. This is why all the filaments are vacuum-packed. Aside from the investment in the printer itself, there is also a cost of maintenance.

We will be pleased to assist you with developing a 3D model file based on the existing graphic design or perform a 3D scan. A face-to-face discussion will be scheduled to facilitate the process of converting your graphic design to a 3D model. We will also offer our advice on how best to achieve the best result within your given budget and timeline.

This depends very much on the intricacy of the design and how long the print job will take. If additional support and/or infill material is required, then the lead time will be extended accordingly.

Generally, a simple and small design can be printed in a matter of minutes, whereas a single large printout can take several hours.

We can take your printed model to the next level thru post production. Let us know the colour code, number of colours, type of finishing (glossy or matte). A rendered copy of your intended design will definitely be helpful to get the detail right.